Item Detail

Name: AV-6 Modular

Media Used:
Acrylic, Aluminum, SS
$1500 per level
Short Descript:
AV-6 Modular

The Ultrasonic AV-6 Modular racks have a basic design tailor made to control resonance. It is wide enough to accommodate two pieces of equipment side by side on each shelf. The 1" acrylic shelves are an excellent material for vibration control because of its regular molecular structure. It will not resonate like glass yet it is eight times stronger. The AV-6 has a unique custom look that is aesthetically pleasing with simple clean lines. Leveling is provide by two jam nuts between the bottom shelf and the cone feet. The standard size footprint is 48" wide x 18" deep x 23" height. Usable shelf space is 20" wide x 18" deep. Spacing between the shelves are 12" and 7". Optional LED lights can be added to give a futuristic glow of color. Custom anodizing is also an option that can blend into interiors.

Tate Blanchard
Phone: 713-501-7784
Houston/South East Texas Area
Will Ship World Wide